Corporate Communication – we build your core story and make it live

It is essential that strategic corporate communication is anchored in a solid understanding of the business, which our many years of experience as heads of communication and advisors in large Danish companies and organizations have taught us.

We can help you map, build (and renew) your core story which should be the foundation for all corporate communication. We can also develop the entire communication plan with core messaging that is thoroughly prepared and planned in order to communicate accurately and timely to all key stakeholders – internally and externally.

We will also assist with the execution, whether it concerns articles and videos for the intranet, the CEO mail for your customers and business partners, the press release that will make your story newsworthy, infographic designs for the social media and so on. We can also provide media training that helps management better understand the news media and train them to deliver their messages flawlessly.

Communication tasks large and small, you won’t return empty-handed when you ask our advice. We draw on several years of experience when it comes to planning and executing the entire communication relating to news from your business, be it good or bad, including M&As, workforce reductions, strategy implementation and change management when merging several organisations etc.. We will help you develop a complete communication plan that will ensure timely and precise executions vis-à-vis all key stakeholders.

 Our customers say

We helped the Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Organization with their strategy process. We advice on strategic focus areas and facilitated the strategical discussion on the board of trustees. We also assisted with a stakeholder analyses focusing on key stakeholders and their view on DVCA

“Borgen Communications & Public Affairs has excellently helped us with our strategy process. With their network, political knowledge and understanding of our business they have given us valuable advice throughout the entire process.” – Henriette Kinunnen, CEO, DVCA