Public Affairs – creating value for your business

At Borgen Communications & Public Affairs, we draw on many years of experience from the political community in Denmark. We know Christiansborg, which is the seat of the Danish parliament, and the State Administration like the back of our hands, as we have acted as advisor to Danish minister and members of parliament. Our experience and extensive network across the political system means we have a strong foundation to help you and your business manoeuvre in the political sphere.

To us, Public Affairs is about understanding and influencing the conditions that matters for your company or organization. It is always our ambition to assist you in creating the best opportunities for growth and development through a dialogue with relevant stakeholder within politics, both locally, at Christiansborg and in the EU community.

We can help you bring clarity to opportunities and threats for your company, planning and executing on public affairs strategies that will create value for your business, whether in the long term or if it concerns the handling of a specific issue.

 Our customers say

Following the government’s initiative on relocating a number of public sector jobs we helped Nordfyns Kommune to be taken into consideration for the relocation. Nordfyns Kommune ended up getting Dansk Sprognævn (The Danish Language Council) with about 15 jobs relocated from Copenhagen to Nordfyns Kommune.

“Throughout the entire process we have experienced Borgen as a highly competent and determined partner with a great understanding of the reality that a municipality like ours faces. Borgen kept us thoroughly updated all the way. In brief Borgen have more than met our expectations.

– Morten V. Pedersen, Chief Executive, Nordfyns Kommune